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Skills and more

Skill Levels Maximum Skill for a Level
Point Range Description Skill Class Max.Points
0-10 Awful Weapons Melee/Hybrids 5*(level+1)
11-20 Feeble Weapons
CLR, DRU, SHM 4*(level+1)
21-30 Very Bad Weapons NEC, WIZ, MAG, ENC 3*(level+1)
31-40 Bad
41-50 Below Average Offense / Defense all 5*(level)
51-60 Average
61-70 Above Average Trade Skills all Unlimited
71-80 Good Magic Skills all 5*(level+1)
81-90 Very Good Class Abilities all 5*(level+1)
91-100 Excellent
101-255 Master

Get skills fast™:
A nifty way to raise your skills almost automatically or at least 'en passant' has been described in the rangers mailing list by Deputy Dreffan Tempestborn:
First: Put the skills you want to raise (typically Sense Heading and Forage) into the left side of the hotkey menue (see the manual on how to do that).
Second: Under Options/Keyboard cycle through the keys until you get the hotkeys. The hotkey slots on the left correspond to the #'s 1 through 6 (First line is 1 and 2, second line is 3 and 4, third line is 5 and 6). Now assign the two #'s where you packed Sense Heading and Forage to whichever key you use to move left or right. Then everytime you turn left or right, you will use the skills automatically if able.