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Jewelry Location Table

Disclaimer: This page is blatantly ripped from the EQ Casters Realm Page (formerly EQ Enchanters). For the most current information be sure to check there. I only included the chart here so I could conveniently look at it myself. The whole credit for it goes to the guys and gals there though.
Note that the Merchant in West Commons is dark race affiliated and will charge you insane amounts if you are member of a good race. The Kaladim merchants seem to be a bit overpriced as well (unless you are a dwarf I guess).

Sapphires, Fire Emeralds, and Star Rubies are purchasable from Metal Vendors. All other gems can be purchased from gem shops at this time except for the following:

Gem Dropped By
Black Pearl Spectres, Aviak Avocets, Minotaurs
Fire Opal Level 40+ NPCs
Jacinth Level 50+ NPC's
Diamond Level 50+ NPC's
Black Sapphire Level 50+ NPC's

City Gems Metals Shop Name / Loc Vendor Loc
Ak'Anon 3 Types All Inside Ak'Anon Clock Work Jeweller 1340, -906
Ak'Anon 18 Types None Bank Clock Work Jeweller 1352, -883
Ak'Anon 4 Types None Library Mechanamagica Clockwork Merchant ..
Ak'Anon 5 Types None Library Mechanamagica Clockwork Magi ..
East Commonlands 3 Types None Buildings Near Inn 1 Pardor the Blessed ..
East Commonlands Many None North of Inn 3 Katha Firespinner ....
Erudin 3 Types All Sothure's Fine Gems Anite & Sothure Gemcutter ..
Erudin Some None Enchanters Guild, Palace Gwynora Armista ..
Erudin Some None Enchanters Guild, Palace Jelala Glimmercharm ..
Erudin 3 Types All Vials of Vitality, Palace Elbsin, Slansin & Myrcin Denuen ..
North Felwithe Many None Shop of All Holds Merchant Tyslin ..
Felwithe 3 Types All Next to Bait & Tackle. Merchant Silspin ..
Felwithe Some None Enchanters Guild Merchant Lyssia ..
West Freeport Many None Academy of Arcane Science Many NPC's ..
North Freeport 3 Types All Blue Building - Unnamed Vendors Up and Downstairs. ..
High Keep 18 Types None Near Bank Stairs Merchant Edina -91, 294
North Kaladim 3 Types All Everhot Forge Aanina Rockfinder ..
North Kaladim 18 types None Inside Mine Bonaf Norkhitter ..
Neriak Foreign Qtrs 3 Types All Shiny Tings Canarie ..
Neriak Foreign Qtrs Some None Slug's Tavern Tanai Tambor ..
Neriak 3rd Gate 18 Types None The Bauble NPC Vendor ..
Grobb 18 Types None Grobb City Uzak 553, -324
Oggok Some None Entry to Shaman Guild Hrak ..
North Qeynos 18 Types All The Jewelbox Ziska and Svena Ironforge ..
South Qeynos Some None The Herb Jar Hanlore Escaval ..
Toxxulia Forest Some None Shop Near Ocean Islan Hetstan ..
Toxxulia Forest Some None Left of Entrance to Hunting Xylania Rainsparkle ..
West Commonlands 3 Types All Near Befallen Entrance Naresa Sparkle ..

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