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Killstealers (and what they really mean)

  • I didn't see you there!
    I was staring at the wall pretending not to notice you.

  • I've been waiting here a loooong time!
    Loooong being relative, 5 minutes or less.

  • It looked like you needed help!
    I saw that mob hit you for 1 point of damage and panicked. I love you man!

  • I need this item BAD!
    Nevermind that I can't wear it - it'll fetch a pretty plat on the market.

  • I've been camping this spot for what feels like hours.
    I was invis and followed you down here while you guys took the beating and cleared the path. Hey, don't run so fast. I might break a sweat. Good thing your cleric died and you had to wait for him. I almost got lost. Can you guys SoW me?

  • I'm sorry but I had a score to settle with <mob>!
    Yeah, the last group I tried to KS <mob> from was able to get more damage in on the mob when it died and I didn't get the kill. Bastards.

  • First come first serve! were here first...? So?

    I have these feelings of inadequacy that lead to self-loathing. By killing <mob> I am cleansing myself of these troubling emotions and proving my self-worth by projecting my negativity on <mob> and utterly annihilating the beast which symbolises my despair. Please do not mess with me. I am highly unstable and could /shout things that attempt to violate the EQ language filters by doing something clever like adding spaces between the letters. Thank you. *rustling noise* WOW! Rubicite breast plate! I can't wait to sell this!

  • Oh..well SOOOORRRRRY! I thought you were fighting the OTHER Nagafen!
    I have no excuse. I'm just a xv'rtd dfd srdfvccccxd sdasd asw. How's my Elvish?

by Mike Selewski []

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