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Worse camp then Wilton

by Rolin []
I thought Wilton was a bad camp (20 hours and gave up for a while), but this morning I found an even worse camp. See, I have a problem with the reception on my TV so I /petitioned the head GM of the Cable Company and they told me about this mob called "Cable Repair Man". Now supposedly he drops some item or something that would fix the problem. They were obviously very powerful as they said that they could arrange to have him spawn at my location but it would take 5 days to do so.
So I accept this quest and patiently await the five days for the spawn. As the time approaches, I prepare myself for what should be an easy camp. I zone in and check tracking Cable Repair Man yet. So I wait, and I wait, and I wait. I keep checking tracking but he never shows. And the whole time I'm getting like ZERO experience and NO loot either! God that sucks!
Finally, after about 4 hours...he spawns! I immediately con on him and find that he regards me indifferently. So, I cast a snare on him but alas, he resists. Then I try enter melee with him but he says something about checking some "wires" and then teleports to the other side of the zone. Fortunately, I now have him on tracking so I begin hunting him down, following him all over the zone it seemed. Eventually, I track him down to my original location and again try to kill Cable Repair Man for this item. Well, he doesn't even try to defend himself but immediately takes off running for the zone. Unfortunately for me, he apparently has SoW and I can't cast it on myself yet and there were no druids or shaman around. So obviously he beats me to the zone and either zoned out or despawns for good.
So, after a 4+ hour camp, I *finally* see him but never got the item I wanted and my reception still sucks. I /petitioned again but the GM has not responded. I'm thinking it's a faction issue. Does anyone know how I can raise my faction with the Cable Company?


by Lucas Hendricks []

LOL he's not a kill mob, he's a quest mob. You hail him and he gives you a spam of info that you dont care about and asks for a large sum of plat. You have to give him "a broken cable receptor" and "several hundred plat" at the same time when he spawns and "a testing tv" and he will then give you one of two items: "a missing correct part excuse" or "a fixed cable receptor" and you get the TV back.

If you get the missing correct part excuse, you have to wait for another spawn. Its random, about 50% chance of either.

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